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Learning to Talk All Over Again

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2013 at 9:37 am

Wyoming flagOkay.  I’ve been a Wyomingite for over ten days now.  Got my Wyoming license plates, drivers license, voter registration card, and library card.  Opened a bank account.  Joined a health club.  Found a church.  From the balconies of our apartment (Elevation: 5600′), I can see the Wind River Range of the Rockies, only about ten miles from town (Elevation: up to 13,000+’).

Look, look, look.  Lookin' out my back...WINDOW.

Look, look, look. Lookin’ out my back…WINDOW.

I’m originally from Louisiana, so I’m used to folks in less-civilized areas saying that I “talk funny”.  Son, if you want to hear some “funny talking”, you need to come to WYOMING.  These are real friendly folks, but, every time I open my mouth, somebody has to correct my pronunciation.

The beautiful little Popo Agie River runs through the heart of my new hometown of Lander.  As the lady at the Wyoming Game and Fish office told me, “It’s ‘puh-PO-juh’, like I told ya’.”

Dubois ain’t “du-BWAH”, but “du-BOYS”.  “Ethany” is “EE-thany”.  I’d thought I was doing well by saying “wuh-SHAH-key”, but “Washakie” is really “WASH-uh-kee”.

Jeez, I even had trouble with the name of a lady I met at church.  “Annah” isn’t “ANN-uh”, but “AH-nuh”.

This is a great little town.  I’ll bet that at LEAST 80% of the people we’ve met have said, “Welcome to Lander”.  Wore my cowboy boots to church.  Just about finished with a 600-page “History of Wyoming”.  It’s good to be here.

Welcome to Wyoming.