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It’s Been a LONG Spring and Summer

In Expeditions on July 29, 2014 at 9:44 am

On the last day of February, I received word that my as-yet-unsold house in the Missouri Ozarks had been the victim of a burst water pipe during an extreme cold snap.  The entire downstairs of the 2,800-square-foot place flooded, ruining all the flooring, several walls and ceilings, and creating a generally devastating $20,000 mess.  Fortunately, the insurance company came through, as did the Best Real Estate Agent in the World, who got a contractor to come in and demolish the demolishable, and haul all the wet debris away before the whole place became Mold City.

On April 1, I packed up one bedroom’s worth of furniture, all my books and camping stuff, a primitive set of kitchen appliances, and headed south.  Within a couple of months, all the repairs had been done.  The insurance money lasted EXACTLY as long as the repairs, and I settled in to my one bedroom, anxiously awaiting a buyer.

Lookers came and went, but only one made an offer, at about half what the place was worth.  I kept dropping the price–once, twice, thrice–until I finally got to the point where the proceeds would pay off the mortgage and the realtor.  PERIOD.  The twenty acres, for which I had paid cash, was just thrown in as lagniappe.

About ten days ago, a family–man, wife, six kids–looked at the place and immediately called, saying they wanted it.  He’s out-of-state, so things progress slowly–from him to his realtor, to my realtor, to me.  Everything seems to be falling into place, and a contract was signed yesterday.  We’re supposed to close on the deal within two weeks.

It’s NOT a done deal yet.  He COULD change his mind.  I hope not.  I’m ready to get back to Wyoming–to my family, to school, to snow and wind and sagebrush.  To Oktoberfest and the coolest Halloween you’ve ever seen.  To an occasional happy hour at the Forge and a hike through Sinks Canyon and up to Worthen Lake before they close the road for the winter.

Did almost NO insect collecting this year (or last, either, since we were moving UP to Wyoming), although I’ve had a couple of papers accepted for publication.

In the process of boxing everything up, so that I can be out IMMEDIATELY upon closing.  If the deal falls apart, I guess I can just unpack again.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your prayers.  I’m ready to go HOME!

This is what I was doing the first day of spring in Wyoming.

This is what I was doing the first day of spring in Wyoming.

Missouri Ozarks - last week.

Missouri Ozarks – last week.

photo 2 photo 1

The view out my window.

The view out my Wyoming window.

My first deer.  Ever.  2013.

My first deer. Ever. 2013.