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Bryant Creek Assessment Project

In Aquatic macroinvertebrates, Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring on January 2, 2014 at 9:29 am

Originally posted to my former blog, “The Bugs of Booger County”, now defunct, in 2012:

In 2010, a group of friends, all members of the Ozark Chapter of Missouri Master Naturalists and all Missouri Volunteer Water Quality Monitors, began an ambitious project.  We decided to conduct water quality monitoring at least once a year, using both benthic macroinvertebrate sampling and chemical testing, at every mile of the forty-two mile navigable portion of Bryant Creek, a beautiful Ozark stream in Douglas and Ozark counties, Missouri.

After adding in a couple of additional sampling sites, the group covers some forty-nine locations on the creek, which has been divided into multiple segments, each overseen by a Team Captain.   Not only is the information useful, but it’s a great excuse to get out with friends on one of the Ozark’s best streams.

Bryant Creek is part of the North Fork of the White River Watershed, and is a lovely place to fish, swim, or float.  All water quality data is submitted to the State of Missouri’s Stream Team program, and is also compiled into an ongoing report, complete with data, graphs, bells and whistles.The complete text of the report, through 2012, is given in pdf form at the link below.  Sampling and testing for 2013 will probably begin in April.  Anyone who’d like to come along is welcome!

BCAP Ongoing Report